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I'm Heidi R. Kling, the author of YA novels SEA (Penguin), and The Spellspinners of Melas County series: WITCH'S BREW, THE GLEANING , DEVIL'S FROST (coliloquy), I've dabbled in short stories, plays, and an essay about the Salvatore Brothers.

LIKES: Unputdownable books, The CW, dark chocolate covered berries.
DISLIKES: Black squirrels.

Literary Agent: Sara Crowe, Harvey Klinger: sara@harveyklinger.com

Website: http://heidirkling.com

Gayle and Chloe! (IF I STAY tour)

First off, if you follow me on twitter you know how massively bummed I was not to be able to attend the Books Inc. event with Gayle (Forman), Jandy (Nelson), and Nina (LaCour) last night in SF, so to rally, I gathered my tow-headed troops and headed to…THE MALL. (Hillsdale in nearby San Mateo to be exact.) I’ve only been there once. Traffic would be crazy. But I *had* to see my pal Gayle. And my son had to see this girl. Hit Girl.

So we bribed our miniature hit girl with a trip to Build-A-Bear and left two  hours before the event started thinking, oh, we got this in the bag! First 300 in line get to meet Chloe and I’ll get Gayle to sign the new books and…oh.  Um. Where is this line going? Oh, along this wall? And out this door? And waaaaaaaay down this sidewalk into BFE?? Hmmm. “Kids. New plan. Let’s wait by the front and we’ll see them go by. Sorry about the autographs, but there’s no way we’re in the first 300 fans. So we hung out some. Waiting. Chatted. Whined about being hungry (that was all me). Scanning the crowd for super fans….and we found one! Check out this gorgeous pencil drawing of Mia and Adam!

Check out this crowd! Waiting and waiting and then, after a long half hour delay (I told you—traffic! The Bay Area is nuts!) they appeared in the elevator, like Charlie and Willy Wonka and this mall is their Chocolate Factory. The crowd went WILD!

Eww! Are they brother and sister??

So we have Witch’s Brew chapters up on Wattpad and comments come in from our many readers (almost 500 thousand to date!) 

Today I saw this one. I find it fantastic.

comment on the following section of Chapter 3: Children of Darkness & Light

Logan guessed it was also why a teenager like himself could breathe underwater, a skill no other warlock in modern times possessed.

READER -> Eww! Are they brother and sister…

Ha! I guess you’ll have to wait and find out. 


Our Demon Playthings.

Look what author Tiffany Trent stumbled upon:

Hey Heidi—Did you know you were quoted on Free Will Astrology? 
Scorpio (http://www.freewillastrology.com/horoscopes/)

"We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours," writes novelist Heidi R. Kling. That’s good advice for you to keep in mind these days, Scorpio. Those little imps and rascals that live within you may get you into bad trouble if they feel bored. But if you arrange for them to have play dates with the imps and rascals of people you trust, they are far more likely to get you into good trouble. They may even provide you with bits of gritty inspiration. What’s that you say? You don’t have any demons? Not true. Everyone has them."

This is especially timely as I received (excellent) notes from editor and publisher today on the fourth installment of The Spellspinners of Melas County, BEAUTIFUL MONSTER this morning. BEAUTIFUL MONSTER is all about discovering the demon within. Or denying her. Or smothering her, or chasing her, depending on your POV, of course. Thanks for the find, Tiffany! As a lover of astrology, I’m tickled they used one of my quotes and for a Scorpio no less. I know not his birthday, but I’m pretty sure the late great Damon Salvatore is a Scorpio. And our Jude, too. ;) 

Goodbye, Damon.

Even though logically I know they *must* bring him back. I mean Damon is the heart of the show, blah, blah, blah—that was simple shocking. The emotional truth of Nina’s tears made me sob my brains out. You did it again, Julie Plec, you master of pain, you. Bonus: Alaric! Plus, the handholding scene between Bonnie and Damon, who’ve always had an intriguing mutual respect, did me in. IS IT FALL YET????? 

We Are in a Quiz! (Or at least Lily is!)

How awesome is THIS?

Which Witch Are YOU? 

Share your results on Twitter and Facebook. Are you Bonnie? Hermione? My Lily?

I must know! 

Young Blood is Key to Reverse Aging?

Look. I’ve never claimed to be a scientist. I write fiction for a living.

But my head warlock, the very, very, very wicked Jacob, was on to this before the Harvard scientists. Or maybe the Harvard scientists are The Spellspinners of Melas County fans?


Either way, this is a remarkable discovery.